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Network +

CompTIA Certification Training

This CompTIA Security+ training course will help you gain skills required to install and configure systems to secure applications, networks, and devices; perform threat analysis and respond with appropriate mitigation techniques; participate in risk mitigation activities; and operate with an awareness of applicable policies, and laws.

N+ certification will demonstrate to your employer that you know the fundamental aspects of networking and routing. You will have an edge over other job seekers through this. You will also be in a good position to showcase your core knowledge for becoming a network administrator. Those who have the dream of getting all-round knowledge, then N+ certification is a boon. Annex Training Institute is the Best N+ certification Training institute in Abu Dhabi, will help to get Certification by giving effective Training By expert Trainers.

Course Outline

Comp TIA: Network + – N10-007 (30 Hours)


1. Network Theory
1.1 Network Types
1.2 Network Standards and the OSI Model
1.3 Data Transmission Methods


2. Bounded Network Media
2.1 Copper Media
2.2 Fiber Optic Media
2.3 Bounded Network Media Installation


3. Unbounded Network Media
3.1 Wireless Networking
3.2 Wireless Network Devices and Components
3.3 Implement Wireless Technology
3.4 Internet of Things


4. Network Implementations
4.1 Physical Network Topologies
4.2 Logical Network Topologies
4.3 Ethernet Networks
4.4 Network Devices


5. TCP/IP Addressing and Data Delivery
5.1 The TCP/IP Protocol Suite
5.2 IPv4 Addressing
5.3 Default IP Addressing Schemes
5.4 Create Custom IP Addressing Schemes
5.5 IPv6 Addressing


6. Routing and Switching
6.1 Switching
6.2 Network Packet Routing
6.3 Static and Dynamic IP Routing
6.4 VLANs


7. TCP/IP Implementation
7.1 Configure IP Addresses
7.2 Naming Services
7.3 TCP/IP Utilities
7.4 Common TCP/IP Protocols


8. Network Security Analysis
8.1 Introduction to Network Security
8.2 Network Security Policies
8.3 Physical Security
8.4 Common Network Attacks


9. Network Security Implementation
9.1 Authentication
9.2 Access Control
9.3 Port, Service, and Protocol Security
9.4 Wireless Network Security
9.5 Patches and Updates
9.6 Mitigation Techniques


10. WAN Infrastructure
10.1 WAN Basics
10.2 WAN Connectivity Methods
10.3 WAN Transmission Technologies
10.4 VoIP


11. Cloud and Virtualization Techniques
11.1 Virtualization Technologies
11.2 Network Storage Technologies
11.3 Cloud Computing


12. Remote Networking
12.1 Remote Network Architectures
12.2 Remote Access Network Implementations
12.3 Virtual Private Networking


13. Network Management
13.1 Monitor Networks
13.2 Document the Network
13.3 Establish Baselines
13.4 Optimize Network Performance
13.5 Ensure Business Continuity


14. Troubleshooting Network Issues
14.1 Network Troubleshooting Methodology
14.2 Network Troubleshooting Tools
14.3 Troubleshoot Wired Connectivity and Performance Issues
14.4 Troubleshoot Wireless Connectivity and Performance Issues
14.5 Troubleshoot Network Service Issue

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