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Manual Accounting


Manual Accounting course provides detailed practical knowledge for non-Accounting professionals to how the books of accounts are maintained in a company. Each and every company needs to maintain proper the books of accounts to control the expenses, increase the income. It’s helpful to manage the organization systematically. There are lot of job opportunities in the job market for accounting department for job seekers.

Course Overview

Manual accounting uses several paper ledgers and journals where accountants record financial information. The general ledger includes miscellaneous transactions and the aggregate balance of all subsidiary ledgers and journals. Manual accounting is very detailed, since accountants must carefully enter information into physical books.

ANNEX Training institute is designed these courses to provide accounting students with the basic book-keeping skills required to be able to prepare classified financial statements. The course provides the students with an understanding of the accrual accounting process from basic transaction analysis through to the completion of the accounting cycle. After completing this course, the students can manage the complete accounting system in the company including VAT.

Course Outline:

Importance of Accounting
Book Keeping & its process
Accounting Cycle
Accounting terms
Accounting concepts
Double entry system
Account & Classification of Accounts
Debit & Credit
Explanation of Source Documents – Cash Memo, Invoice, Receipt, Debit Note, Credit Note, Pay in slip & Vouchers
Rules of Accounting
Journalizing –Format & Journal Posting
Advantages of Journal
Introduction to Ledger
Format for Ledger
Procedure for Posting
Balance an Account
Introduction to Subsidiary Books
Subsidiary & Primary Books
Purchase Book
Sales Book
Purchase Return Book
Sales Return Book
Introduction to Cash Book
Kinds of Cash Book
Posting Cash Book Entries
Petty Cash Book
Bank Pass Book
Cash Pass Book
Bank reconciliation statement
Procedure of Bank reconciliation statement & Format
Introduction to Trial Balance
Objectives of Trial Balance
Limitations of Trial Balance
Rules of preparing Trial Balance
Introduction to Rectification of Errors
Kinds of errors
Explanation of Capital Transactions
Explanation of Revenue Transactions
Explanation of Deferred Revenue Transactions
Introduction to Final Accounts
Parts of Final Accounts
Explaining Trading Account & Format
Practicing of Trading Account
Introduction & Format of Profit/Loss Account
Explaining of the Items appearing in the account
Introduction & Format of Balance Sheet
Explaining of the Items appearing in the account
Explaining the Classification of Assets & Liabilities
Final Accounts with Adjustment
VAT Calculation

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