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Document Control

Document Control
Document Control is a powerful system for retrieving the correct documents at the right time. There is no wastage of productivity and time when it comes to a proper Document Control System established within an organization. Control of documents could also mean functions like editing and modification of documents, updates added to current and existing documents, withdrawal of old and expired documents and the security of the original documentation.

Document Control Training offered by Annex Training Institute will empower participants to understand the foundations of controlling a document from start to finish in a particular department or project. You learn to play a vital role in delivering the most relevant reports and statistics on documents maintained.

Course Overview

Course Objectives:

By the end of the Document Control Training Certification Course, participants of this training program will be able to:

Learn the importance of document traceability and retrievals
Learn the tools and techniques to manage document quality and consistency
Understand the importance and the important role of a document controller
Structure and develop an effective Document Control System
Prepare a checklist and perform critical quality checks over documents
Frame procedures and reporting systems for Document Control
Ensure compliance of document movements, distribution, and transmittals
Understand the inevitability of the electronic document management system

The content of the course is:
Below are the course modules that would be covered during the Document Control Training Certification Program:

Module 1: Key Concepts of Documents Control and Information Management
Importance of Document Control and a Document Control manager
Document Control need of an organization
Document control vs records management
Document Control Standards and Policies

Module 2: Document Control: Definitions and Terminologies
Document and Records Lifecycle
Letter coding methods
Filing and Numbering
File Movement procedure
Submittals and Transmittals
Searching and Retrieving

Module 3: Setting up a Document Control System and Framework
Document Control for a new project
Identification of documents and records
Electronic and physical records
Retention and disposition
Workflow Design
Privacy and Compliance

Module 4: Document Control Compliance
Reporting status of documents
Assigning responsibilities and accountability
Business Continuity plan
Internal Document Audits and controls

Module 5: Drafting Document Control Procedures and Policies
Processes and Procedures
Producing fool-proof procedures
Transparency and Security
Confidentiality and Critical Documents

Module 6: Document Control Functions and Operations
Document retention policy
Document Management policy
Document Handling workflow
Document Controller: Training and qualifications

Module 7: Document Control Challenges
Document Approval & Distribution
Document Change Process and Control
Tracking of document revisions
Document errors

Module 8: Document Control Systems
Paperless documentation and Electronic Records Management
Automation and Digitalization of Documents
User-friendly user Interface based in business process
Integrating Records Management with Business Systems and Processes
Securing Systems and Security

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