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AutoCAD 3D

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AutoCAD 3D

Autodesk AutoCAD 3D Course, this course explores the three-dimensional viewing and construction capabilities of AutoCAD. Topics covered include a review of point coordinate entry and the user coordinate system (UCS). Spherical and cylindrical coordinate entry, 3D viewing techniques, 3D geometry construction, solid modeling surface meshes, and regions are also introduced. The use of multiple viewports for 3D constructions and a standard engineering layout are covered. The creation of presentation graphics using shading, rendering and animation is also discussed.

Annex Training Institute is based in Abu Dhabi the capital city of UAE, Approved by the Abu Dhabi Center for Technical and Vocational Education and Training (ACTVET). Our educational Institution focused on providing services by making use of the latest technology, updated course materials and certified trainers. We developed a customized training plan for each student which will translate in to increased efficiencies and improve productivity for any corporation.

Course Overview

AutoCAD Training in Abu Dhabi: Enhance Your Career in Architecture Design

Boost your CAD software skills and unlock new career opportunities in Architecture Design with Annex Training Institute's AutoCAD Courses in Abu Dhabi. By completing this course, you will:

    Master advanced AutoCAD tools for creating 2D and 3D designs.
    Develop drafting skills and effectively communicate your design ideas.
    Create layouts using the latest industry standards.
    Become a certified AutoCAD professional

Introduction to AutoCAD Training in Abu Dhabi, UAE

AutoCAD, a computer-assisted drafting software application, is extensively used for designing in architecture, engineering, construction, and manufacturing. It enables architects, engineers, and other professionals to draft blueprints, make design modifications, and create updated designs. Our AutoCAD courses in Abu Dhabi are designed for both beginners and experienced users, focusing on the latest CAD technical skills applicable at work. Our trainers at Annex Training Institute will enhance your expertise in handling CAD tools, improving productivity, and achieving superior results.

Top AutoCAD Courses in Abu Dhabi

Explore our range of AutoCAD courses in Abu Dhabi, designed to meet diverse design needs:

    AutoCAD 2D: Classroom Training - Duration: 30 Hours
    AutoCAD 3D: Classroom Training - Duration: 30 Hours
    AutoCAD 2D & 3D: Classroom Training - Duration: 60 Hours
    AutoCAD MEP: Classroom Training - Duration: 30 Hours
    AutoCAD Electrical: Classroom Training - Duration: 30 Hours
    AutoCAD Civil 3D: Classroom Training - Duration: 30 Hours

Advantages of AutoCAD Certification

AutoCAD is the industry-standard CAD software used in designing buildings, roads, products, and more. By earning an AutoCAD certification through our training, you gain technical knowledge and skills in advanced modeling tools. This allows you to work on portfolio-worthy AutoCAD projects, giving you a competitive edge when applying for new jobs.

Benefits of AutoCAD certification:

    In-depth practical knowledge: Our AutoCAD courses provide a comprehensive understanding of modeling, drafting, detailing, rendering, and construction documentation.
    Valuable credential: AutoCAD Certification validates your technical expertise, streamlining architectural and product designs.
    Enhanced productivity: AutoCAD training increases your productivity and professional competence in tackling challenges and providing effective solutions.
    Lucrative job opportunities: AutoCAD Certification opens doors to high-salaried job roles and various career paths for future growth.
    Cost-efficiency: AutoCAD's dynamic engineering model minimizes errors, saving time and money.
    Job Opportunities & Future Career Growth

Upon completion of AutoCAD training in Abu Dhabi, you can pursue various job roles, such as:

    Civil Drafter
    Architectural Drafter
    Electrical Drafter
    Mechanical Drafter
    AutoCAD Operator
    AutoCAD Technician
    Prerequisites for AutoCAD Courses

To enroll in our AutoCAD courses, you need a minimum of 12th standard education from a recognized board. Additionally, a Diploma, B.Arch, or B.Tech in Mechanical or Civil Engineering is suitable. Work experience in Architecture, Construction, Manufacturing, or Product Design is advantageous.

Key Learnings from Annex Training Institute's AutoCAD Course in Abu Dhabi

During our AutoCAD Courses in Abu Dhabi, you will learn:

    Creation and manipulation of drawings and objects in CAD environments.
    Effective use of AutoCAD tools and techniques for designing, drafting, and communicating design ideas.
    The four main steps for sketch creation, including key information review, graphic-based design work, consideration of multiple variations, and detailed solutions.
    Isometric projection techniques for representing 3D objects in 2D using technical drawings.
    The four geometric construction commands used in AutoCAD.
    Major Objectives of AutoCAD Training in Abu Dhabi

Our AutoCAD Training in Abu Dhabi aims to achieve the following objectives:

    Enhance engineered drawings.
    Improve basic sketching techniques.
    Learn field dimensioning methods.
    Develop graphical drawings based on client needs.
    Enhance participants' technical and soft skills.

Why Choose Annex Training Institute for AutoCAD Courses in Abu Dhabi?

Annex Training Institute in Abu Dhabi is a leading training provider offering a wide range of professional courses, including AutoCAD certifications tailored to your needs. Our AutoCAD course modules cover essential aspects of the software and provide valuable tips to enhance your career prospects. Led by highly skilled and certified professionals, our AutoCAD training in Abu Dhabi ensures you acquire the necessary technical skills to excel in handling AutoCAD.

About Annex Training Institute

Annex Training Institute is located in Abu Dhabi, the capital city of the UAE, providing offline and online training for aspirants all over the world. We specialize in Medical Education, International Tests Preparation, Management and Business Administration Courses, Computer Software Training, Language Proficiency Tests, and Corporate Training. We are accredited by the Abu Dhabi Center for Technical and Vocational Education and Training (ACTVET) and are proud members of the British Council and IDP IELTS Programme. With a wide range of courses available, we are one of the most recognized institutes, trusted by corporate companies and organizations worldwide for our efficient and methodical teaching methods.

AutoCAD 2D Course

    Getting Started with AutoCAD
    Workspaces Basic Drawing & Editing Commands
    Line, Circle, Arc, Ellipse, Donut, Polygon, Rectangle, Point, Multiline, Pline, Spline, Xline, Ray, Wipeout, Revision cloud
    Creating a Simple Drawing
    New, Qnew, Open, Save, Save as, Close, Exit
    Drawing Precision
    Ortho, Polar, Grid, Snap, Polar Tracking, Object snap, Dynamic Inputs, Quick Properties, Selection Cycling
    Organizing Your Drawing with Layers
    Layer Properties Manager
    Advanced Editing Commands
    Inserting Blocks
    Creating More Complex Objects
    Setting Up a Layout
    Viewports, Mview
    Hatching Objects
    Adding Dimensions, Annotation
    Printing and plotting

AutoCAD 3D Course

    3D Modelling Workspace
    AutoCAD 3D Drawing and Modelling
    3D Basic
    3D Coordinate System
    Introduction to the View Cube
    Basic 3D Viewing Tools & 3D Navigation Tools
    Introduction to the User Coordinate System
    Creating Solid Objects
    Working with Solid Primitives
    Solid Primitive Types
    Idea about Composite Solids
    Editing Tools
    3D Commands
    Complex 3D Geometry
    Extruded Command for Solids and Surfaces
    Swept, Revolved & Lofted Solids and Surfaces
    Fillets and Chamfers Command on Solids
    Creating Multiple Viewports
    Working Drawings from 3D Models
    Organizing Multiple Viewports in a Single View
    Annotation - Creating Animation
    Texturing - Camera View
    3D Printing / Plotting

Why Choose Annex Training Institute?

Experienced teachers
Online & offline classes
Personalized training
Practical-oriented training
Flexible timing
High-end computer lab facility
Reference course material
Take the next step in your professional growth with Annex Training Institute's AutoCAD Courses in Abu Dhabi. Join our training sessions and unlock your potential in the world of AutoCAD.


Getting Started with AutoCAD 3D
Basic Drawing & Editing Commands
Basic 3D Concepts
Working with 3D Coordinates
Extruding 2D Geometry
Creating Cross-Sectional Views
Creating Surfaced Objects
Solid Modeling Concepts
Composite Solid Models
Working with Solid Models
Advanced Solid Editing Options
The coordinate system – the key to advanced 3D drawing.
Creating 2D Views from a Solid Model
Advanced 3D Concepts
Plotting 3D Models

Course Duration is 30 Hours, which can be completed by One Month. AutoCAD 3D FastTrack training also available.

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