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After Effects

Adobe After effects

Adobe After effects is widely used for compositing and creating VFX in media production companies. With Adobe after effects, you can create, composite, and stylize 2D footage layers in 3D space. Adobe after effects plays different role depending on the user’s needs. It is used in Title Design, creating VFX and 2D cartoons. There are multiple uses with Adobe After Effects. We use it in movies for creating visual effects. After Effects course covers working in 3D space, advanced layer techniques, using expressions and masks, creating professional special Fx, working with sound and gaining industry hints.

Through Annex Training Institute’s 25 Hrs. effective training program you can easily master the techniques need for creating best graphic content. If you wish to be a master of graphics, enroll now to Annex Training Institute’s After effects training program in Abu Dhabi.

Course Overview


Getting to know the best workflow
Creating a Basic Animation Effects and Preset
Animating Text
Shape Layers
Creating & Animating a Multimedia Presentation
Animating Layers with basic tools
Mastering the use of Masks
Puppet tools
Performing color correction
Building and Animating a 3D Object
Using 3D Features
Advanced Editing Techniques
Rendering and outputting

Career opportunities

Visual effects Artist
Motion Graphics Designing
Title Animator
Roto Artist
Digital Compositing

Career Industries

Advertisement Companies
Movie Production House
Digital Marketing
Television Channels
Educational Institutes
Freelancer And More

Course Duration is 25 Hours, which can be completed by 2 Weeks.

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